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Warning note:  Please do not use any type of electronic device (switch, voltage regulator, battery splitter, etc) between the ecu battery and the electronics of the engine. The electronics, specially the brushless controllers can be damaged if the power source is different than a real battery. 


 NEW ENGINE :  Merlin 200XBL

 NEW JetsMunt Telemetry: Monitor your engine directly from your JETI, MPX, HoTT or Futaba radios. Stand alone telemetry system for radios without telemetry. Check HERE for details.

NEW JetsMunt engine: VT80   Click here to check!

 NEW:  Merlin 100 upgraded! Brushless pump!

NEW:  Merlin 140 upgraded! Brushless pump!

NEW:  Now all JetsMunt engines include a Xicoy System Analyzer.




Merlin 90- Merlin 140- Merlin 160