Used Engines


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Typical Shipment Price Of One Engine:

  • Spain (Peninsula y Baleares)


  • France/UK/Italy/Germany


  • Norway/Finland


  • USA


  • Australia/Japan


  • Assurance of shipment

    Not included, typically 1%

Important notes:

The BASE PRICES  displayed in this page are the official prices in Euros.

These are F.O.B. prices, not included any tax or import duty. End price on your country may be different due at your local import taxes. JetsMunt will not do any shipment with a declared value different to than real price.

Local prices from dealers could be different than quoted here on the JetsMunt website, as they include the shipment to your country and customs taxes. Please note that our local dealers are only obliged to support and service the engines sold by them.

Prices quoted in USD are only indicative,  will change according to USD/EUR rate.

Shipment prices are indicative and based on Fedex Economy rates.  Please contact us for a exact quotation and shipping cost.

The quoted standard service prices are applicable to the engines where its type is in production status. Repair work on engine types out of production (Currently M160 and M90) will be charged as per labor/hours rate.

Exact price for repairs will be calculated after engine inspection and disassembly.
Customer will be contacted to ask for the approval of the estimate price. No other work will be done than the disassembly and evaluation of the parts before the acceptance of the estimated repair bill. If customer decide to not approve the repair estimate, a handling and labor charge will be payable. This charge does not include the re-assembly of engine parts that has been necessary to dismantle for the assessment of the engine damage and to calculate the repair costs

To order: Contact your local dealer or click HERE