Upgrade / Service / Trade in program

Our service options include engine upgrades, standard repair service, and full engine replacement.


Upgrade your engine to the latest specification.



Includes the replacement of the brushed ecu and pump to a brushless ecu and brushless pump, test and adjustment.



* The above prices only apply if the engine is sent complete (including ecu and fuel pump). The parts replaced during upgrade WILL NOT be returned and will become property of JetsMunt. If during the upgrade other issues are found with the engine, work will stop and customer will be notified.

** Shipment and VAT (if applicable) not included**


Standard service rates and normal repair work. Prices:

Standard repairs:

  Partial service: Test, adjustment, electronics update, replacement of parts that do not need the rotor disassembled: 60EUR

Typical 25h service:

Includes the Full Service option, plus bearings, lubrication restrictor and gaskets replaced: 250EUR

Full service:

  All work necessary to return the engine to optimum condition, include full disassembly, parts inspection,  cleaning, assembly, balance, software upgrade and test: 150EUR

** Replaced parts, shipment and VAT (if applicable) not included**


  •   The quoted standard service prices are applicable to the engines where its type is in production status. Repair or work on engine types out of production (Currently M160(k), M140(k, X, XBL) and M90(k) will be charged as per labor/hours rate.)
  •   Exact price for repairs will be calculated after disassembly and inspection depending on new parts needed. Price will be below the maximum repair price quoted below.
  •   The customer will be contacted for work and quotation approval. By sending the engine for repair to JM, the costumer agrees that the engine will be tested/ disassembled by our staff. No other work will be done than the disassembly and evaluation of the parts before the acceptance of the estimated repair bill. If customer decide to not approve the repair estimate, a handling and labor charge will be payable. This charge does not include the re-assembly of engine parts that has been necessary to dismantle for the assessment of the engine damage and to calculate the repair costs.
  •   All engines should always be returned including the ecu and the pump, engines received without these items will not be repaired until these items received or costumer agrees in to purchase new items. JM cannot guarantee that the engine perform correctly if not tested together with its ecu and pump.
  •   All replaced parts will be returned to costumer, unless special instructions.

Maximum repair price:

Your engine is badly damaged? You may think it is not worth to be repaired? Maximum repair prices:


 Core Engine: 975 EUR        Pump: 95EUR


 Core Engine: 985 EUR         ECU: 95EUR                          Pump: 95EUR


 Core Engine: 1180EUR         ECU: 95EUR                          Pump: 100EUR


 Core Engine: 1375 EUR        ECU: 95EUR                        Pump: 100EUR

* “Core engine” mean the engine alone as supplied originally. Includes mounting strap, but does not include anything else like ecu, pump, wires, terminal, pump, etc.


  •   JetsMunt always will issue an estimated repair price of your engine before repair, offering options if available, in order to keep the cost at minimum. Maximum quoted repair price, as per above mentioned table.
  •   Only apply to engines and items received complete and unassembled in our factory. Engines received with missing parts or dissembled are not eligible to benefit of above prices.
  •   Replacement engine will be of same model and can be 100% new or it may contain parts from the old engine. JM guarantee that performance, reliability and look will be the same as a new engine.
  •   Apply only to the engines models currently in production, detailed in the above table: For other models, or if you want a different type, check our “trade in” program below or contact us.
  •   Prices of repair of ancillary items (pump and ecu) applies only if these items are to be repaired together with the engine, and should be received with it.
  •   Engines received without ecu or without pump will not be eligible for a new ecu/pump at the above mentioned price, standard price will apply. Replacement engine will always be delivered including the ecu and the pump used during test.
  •   Quoted prices are net prices, does not include shipment and VAT if applicable.

Trade in Program:

Want to replace your engine, New for Old? We accept running engines and damaged/crashed engines as well.


  • This is a factory direct offer; dealers could not support this offer.
  • “Running engine” mean an engine complete, including at least ecu and pump, and that is capable to start and run to maximum RPM using its own ecu and pump.
  • “Crashed engine” mean engines lacking ancillary components (missing ecu, starter or pump), with or without crash damage. Damage suffered is not important as long as the core engine is complete and has not been disassembled.
  • Engines received dissembled (or have evident signs to have been disassembled), or containing non original parts are not eligible for this trade-in program.
  • The old engine should be sent to JetsMunt factory first to verify that it complies with the above conditions. Please contact us before sending the engine.
  • If your old engine is not listed, please contact us for a personalized offer. Other engine brands and models are also considered for trade in.
  • Quoted prices are net prices, does not include shipment and VAT if applicable.